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Credo (From participants of the first Word is Out Retreat, October 2016)
Kenny Pierce Corwin Ullricksen Michelle Henry
  • I believe in The Christ, the light.
  • I believe in this light who was made human.
  • The light saw and understood that of God in the most divine among us, as well as in the darkest of our enemies.
  • I believe that the light is reflected all around… in music, in art, in the expanse of an ocean at dusk, and all expressions of those forms that reduce us to tears and lift us from despair to joy.
  •  I believe that misery was never intended.
  •  I believe that God will pursue us to the earth’s end.
  • Though we may not see or recognize God with us, around, I believe that we’ve never truly been alone.
  • I believe us to be a resurrection people, who are continually dying in a thousand ways so that something, somewhere, might be made new through our stories.
  • I believe that we are loved, and we are love, as intended, utterly and completely loved.
  • I believe that God brings life renewal.
  • The symbol of a cross is demonstrating death to the old, negative, self-defeating, learned behaviours that kept us trapped in our eternal hell.  It is proof that we can change and triumph over this death and be brought to a state of transformation.
  • God, through Jesus, gave us an example of who we can emulate. His power is available to us as we open our hearts and minds.
  • Our lives, talents and painful moments can become a beacon to others in pain, and the love, mercy and grace of God can shine through us.  We can be whole.
  • The church is a centre where we can worship and connect with others on a similar journey.
  • The Bible is a historical document containing some useful stories of love, acceptance and growth which can inspire us to move forward.
  • As we continue to gather and share our lives, we form community and create a haven of peace on earth.  The hell we have experienced gives way to a beautiful heaven within us, and our life renewal, through God, brings peace to the earth.
  • I believe in a gentle, loving God.
  • I believe in a path of discovery of who this God may be.
  • I believe in a God who loves unconditionally.
  • A God who blessed us with the beauty of nature and of others around us, who are the reflection of his love and compassion.
  • I believe we are all on a path in discovering who God is and his meaning in our life. We are all on the journey but at different places of discovery and understanding; we can guide each other on this adventure.
  • I believe in a God who is compassionate; who feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, befriends the lonely and loves the ones who feel unloved.
  • I believe in a wise God, seeker and holder of truth.
  • I believe in a God that has always been, is and will forever more exist.
  • I believe that my faith may strengthen or wane at moments but I know God is always there to guide me and lift me up.

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