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A Bramley Visitor

St. Andrew’s Wesley – United Church
By Jan Watson

repost of an article written for the St Francis Signpost, Christmas 2016

This is a photograph of the beautiful church I attend regularly when I visit my daughter in Vancouver, Canada. The Church building is an iconic landmark in Downtown Vancouver.

The church is an oasis of calm in the city, situated on a very busy thoroughfare surrounded by high rise buildings, including offices, high class hotels and up-market coffee shops. The building itself is impressive and very old with beautiful stained glass windows.

It is a church which is very much involved in the local community by helping the homeless and poor people (much like our own mission in St Francis). It is a church in which I really feel at home. I am made more than welcome and encouraged to be an active member of the congregation. Very difficult for me to integrate entirely due to the length of my visits to Canada. This is the church I would belong to if I lived in Vancouver.

Music is very much an integral part of St. Andrews and the Minister of Music, Darryl Nixon, offers a wide musical repertoire performed each week by talented guest musicians. There is also a talented resident music group who perform each Sunday before worship begins. The church is well attended prior to the service as music has become part of worship in this beautiful place.

Every Sunday afternoon the Jazz Vespers, an integral part of this church, perform for one hour commencing at 16:00 hours. A very popular inspiring music event in this lively community.

The photos were taken by my daughter outside the Church after morning worship.

A Church worthy of a visit if you find yourself in this beautiful city.

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