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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace   by Barb Mason   posted December 2016

This story was also told to the congregation on Sunday December 18th

It was the churches claim to be inclusive that brought me up the stairs of St Andrew’s Wesley Church. I was also interested in open mind, open heart, compassion, hope and living with integrity.

You see, I was newly married and blessed to have a husband that shared my faith. But now
we needed to find a church where we could worship together.

This particular morning I had left my husband at the only church he knew—The church of his
youth, adulthood, where he had his scout group and where he had spent his entire church life.
But it wasn’t quite the church for me.

We agreed we needed to leave a church that feared outreach into the community, inclusiveness because of what that might look like and no desire to move forward. My heart was heavy as I thought about Ken’s passion for his scout groups and all the other groups from Beavers to Rovers that depended on him for their meeting place. Would he lose this space if he left the church?

When I arrived the warmth and direction led me to a corner of the church where I could light
a candle.

After lighting the candle I prayed that God would show me the way. I sat very close to the candle that Sunday in hope my closeness would make a difference and my prayer would be answered quickly.

I was overwhelmed that Sunday.Tears filled my eyes as I felt the warmth and love of this church. The music filled the rafters and brought me to my feet. The sermon inspired me and gratitude filled my heart

At the end of the service that day when we sang “When we walk from here”, I had been given my direction in a sensitive, kind and compassionate way.

In the next couple of months Ken could see that there was an excitement about me as I prepared for church. I could see although he wanted to come he was still struggling with what would happen to his scouting community.

Quietness and time would show the power of prayer.

The day that Ken and I came to church together the sun shone and the windows sparkled. As I perused the bulletin I noticed that the soloist would be singing Amazing Grace. I clearly had picked the right day. Amazing Grace brought tears, the music exhilarating ,the sermon life changing. As we continued coming to church we found a new church family and a passionate ministry team that embraced us with love and understanding. We had found our new church home.

Friends, let us all walk from here in Gods humble Care, with our spiritual GPS possibly having to recalculate a couple of times, but bringing our Sunday experience into our week letting peace start with each one of us.

Thanks be to God

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