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Living the Wrinkle

“I wish we were closer.”

Have you ever said that to a friend or family member separated by distance but still emotionally close?  Sometimes when a big event like a graduation or baptism is happening, I’ll say, “I wish we could fold a map and bring Vancouver next door to California.”  

In a way, that’s what’s happening on this trip to the Holy Land, except instead of closing the geographical distance, being here closes the chronological gap between ‘then’ and ‘now’.

Sometimes that happens by seeing something of incredible brilliance and an engineering feat, such as the fortress and hilltop palace of Masada, built by Herod the Great on a high mesa in the Judean desert by the Dead Sea in the first century, BCE.

Sometimes the historical gap is closed by something quite ordinary, like walking on the flat stone main road in Sephora, by Nazareth, and seeing ruts in the stone carved over the years by the wheels of chariots.  As a boy, Jesus may well have walked those stones as it is believed his father, Joseph, worked in Sephoras, a booming Roman city near Nazareth.  Jesus may have heard those chariots clattering by and may have watched the Roman soldiers playing a game on the roadway stones that still marks them today, 2,000 years later.  Suddenly, the chronological map is scrunched and ‘then’ and ‘now’ are brought near.  

Coming to the Holy Land, we have stepped into a wrinkle in time.  

I look forward to sharing more with you, but here are a few images from our journey:

Abed, our extremely well educated Palestinian tour guide leaning on an anatomically precise sculpture that’s over 2,000 years old.


Caesarea – The favourite palace of Herod the Great, that included a fresh water pool built out into the sea. Also where Paul was imprisoned for two years.


An aqueduct…that carried water ten kilometres to Caesarea, decreasing in height one centimetre per arch.


The food is delicious. (But I’m not losing weight!)


Of course we had to visit the ancient city of Dan.


The Golan Heights – Looking into Syria and a UN peacekeeping base.


Capernaum – The synagogue where Jesus taught.


The sea of Galilee.


The sunrise on the Dead Sea.

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  1. Wonderful device, the image of the fold on a map to bridge two distant geographical places so that we each feel more closely connected. Your photos certainly do ‘close the gap between then and now’. Together, we are right there with you. May you continue to be thrilled and inspired by your travel experience there as I am here to see the Holy Land. Living the wrinkle indeed.

  2. What wonderful photos Dan! It looks lovely there and warm. Stay safe and have a fabulous time. – gb

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