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Releasing My Beloved Summer

I’m a summer type of guy.  I love the long sunny days.  I treasure the warm, comfortable temperatures.  I love sitting on my balcony at home well past 10:00pm and still see light in the skies.  I love summer!

This summer has been no exception and has been delightful even with the challenges and concerns of the heavy smoke in the air that we recently experienced.  Some of my highlights include the following:

  • My ordination by the United Church of Canada at BC Conference in June.  What a wonderful weekend of celebration and gratitude.
  • Another incredibly successful SpiritPride Conference.  I give thanks to Gregg Taylor for living into his dream of a conference where everyone is invited and LGBTQ people, in particular, are welcomed to the table.
  • The addition of Rev. Rhian Walker to our ministerial staff!
  • The Word Is OUT!! goes international!  An unexpected blessing was playing volleyball at the Gay Games in Paris in August. While we didn’t medal in our particular division, we had a wonderful time playing volleyball, connecting with other LGBTQ athletes, experiencing the beauty of Paris, and representing our church community well.

Our Christian tradition honours the many cycles of our lives.  Christian spirituality also emphasizes non-attachment to those cycles so that we may experience an interior freedom no matter what our external circumstances may be.  And this includes the releasing of my beloved summer. And while summer is technically still with us, there is a transition in the air as we have just passed that “last long weekend of summer” so beautifully reflected on by Jen Cunnings in last week’s Ripples.  So in that spirit of gratitude and release, I offer thanks and bid a loving farewell to my favourite season with selected words from Kaitlyn McDonnell:

Thank you for the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that became family. Staying up late and watching the sun rise on another day of summer with your best friends by your side…

Thank you for the sandy beaches and the fresh ocean waters. There is nothing like sand in between your toes or the feeling of a wave rushing over you. In that moment, nothing else matters, and it’s just you and the ocean.

Thank you for the endless road trips with friends. Whether it was going on a hike, a day at the water park or a trip across the country, you made the most of the time you had with your friends.

Thank you to the person that made me look forward to waking up each morning. Whether it was a summer fling or a longtime romance, I’m grateful for all the times that we spent together.

Lastly, thank you for the sunset that ended each summer night. For showing me that the end of something can be very beautiful…


Curt Allison

Minister of Outreach Curt came to St. Andrew’s-Wesley in 2004. He directs the Gospel Choir, leads The Word is OUT!! LGBT spirituality discussion group, and co-leads the Young(er) Adults group. His passion for music and inclusive church communities has also led him to serve the greater community of the United Church of Canada through music leadership at the Naramata Centre’s summer programmes, EVOLVE, the Imagine LGBT weekend, and as music resource at various local United churches. As a follower of Jesus, Curt finds great satisfaction in helping others discover and live to their full potential in the body of Christ. His call is to journey together with others who are seeking to live in faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ with honesty, integrity and authenticity.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL, Curt!!
    I had a different type of summer with two dear friends experiencing life-threatening illness. I am so grateful that they are still here. Also had magical moments with Frdaws this summer as I saw the joy and fun of summer through a child’s eyes — even a child who is aware that he may have so much to lose. (Frdaws is not ill, thank God.)
    And so we let go of this summertime — and give it all to God.


    1. Thanks Penny for sharing. Yes – whether a fun summer or a challenging summer or a mixture of the two, we release it all with gratitude. Hope to see you at church tomorrow!

  2. Your message was awesome. It brought together all the special moments of summer. I enjoy the many hours of light.

    1. Thanks Barb! I love those long hours of light as well.

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