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Open, Fresh and Inviting

The blank page.

The open road.

The glass-calm water as you take your first strokes and watch your paddle create ever
expanding ink-blue circles.

It’s the New Year. The calendar looks so open, so spacious, so inviting.

How do you enter the New Year? Do you carefully step-in, as if you’re lowering yourself
into a hot bath? Do you dive in as you might plunge into the sea on a sizzling summer
day? Or, more recently, do you plunge as did the inspired? crazed? bodies who
crashed into English Bay for the annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear swim? (I actually
know someone who has done that…and they belong to St. Andrew’s Wesley and,
astonishingly, have lived to tell about it.)

Or are you more methodical with your New Year entrance, like the thoughtful professor
carefully strolling down an isle of library books, fingers tracing the spines on the
shelves? Maybe you’re like a parting lover, who reluctantly looks back over her
shoulder as the train/bus/plane/ship/year pulls away creating a painful distance where a
minute before no crack of light could be found between you two. Like Janus, looking two
directions at once, though this early in the month the past year remains in focus and
clear and the year-to-come still uncertain and so you find it hard not to keep glancing

However you begin this January, 2019 glistens for you, brand new. To be honest, any
day begins the same: open, fresh, inviting. It’s just that the New Year invites a
particular awareness as if to say, “Here you are; a new beginning. A fresh start – for
you. A chance to leave behind unwanted habits and to develop more life-giving, fun,
healthy ways. A chance to make a difference, to live with purpose. We can do this any
morning, any day, any minute even, but a New Year provides a helpful demarcation.

Here’s a new day, a new year. However old or young you are, whatever your life
challenges and triumphs, how will you enter the New Year? What hopes, what goals,
and, if you like this sort of thing, what resolutions?

As for me…hmm…I’ll begin by taking 2019 by the hand and asking simply, “Shall we


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