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Board Minutes- Apr 9 2019






Present: Catherine Atyeo, Thomas Baerg, Julie Bower, Dan Chambers, Jessica Davis, Wayne Davis, Michelle Henry, Graham Lovely, Diane Mitchell, Susan Parker, Gary Paterson, Roger Phelps, Fritz Rehmus, Wingfield Rehmus and Leo Yu,

Regrets:  Rob Cameron, Sara Holland, David Osmond


Note: Meeting attendees included continuing, incoming and outgoing Board members with all members being eligible to vote at the meeting.


Opening message and Prayer

Dan opened the meeting with prayer and reflection: “We Can’t Do Everything – Liberation”


Agenda Review

Amended to add motion from Ministry and Personnel (M&P)


Chair Report Governance– Learning Moments

Roger welcomed the new Board members who were attending their first meeting and thanked the 2018 Board for their service during a very busy year which required additional meetings and time commitment from Board members.  He also expressed thanks to the Board of Wesley Place for their hard work and dedication during the negotiations for the sale of Wesley Place.


Roger also noted that several Board Policies had been reviewed and submitted under the process where, as they are completed by the individual responsible for review (see March 12 minutes), they are  sent to the Executive Director for presentation at the next scheduled Board meeting.  They are then approved the following meeting. This permits other Board members to review and make any addition suggestions on the policies if they wish.  The following were submitted to this meeting.

  • Safety
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Delegation of Staff
  • Terms of Employment
  • Terms of Reference for Board Ministry and Personnel Committee

Responsible Board members are encouraged to complete their reviews. (Action Item: Board Members)


Consent Items

  • Agenda Church Board Meeting (as amended to reflect M&P Motion)
  • Approval of Minutes from March 12th, 2019
  • Finance Committee. The YTD Income and Expense Statement (Consolidated January and February 2019) was reviewed along with Notes to the Financial Statements presented by Wendy Orvig. Susan also presented an update with highlights of financial operations at StAW  Moved by Susan Second by Julie that Consent Items be accepted. – Carried.


M&P Budget Item

Thomas brought forward a motion from the M&P Committee, explaining that Gary Paterson will be off for six weeks on medical leave and that extending the current arrangement where Lorraine and Rhian are working 30 hours per week would to cover the six-week absence.


Motion by Thomas, second by Michelle to increase the M&P minister’s budget by $3,403 to cover Gary’s sick time. Carried


Finance Committee

After a discussion around the need to broaden the capacity and proficiency of the Finance Committee, which also manages our Investment Portfolio, volunteers from the Board were solicited to serve on the Committee.   Wingfield Rehmus and Leo Yu volunteered to join the Committee.  Graham Lovely, although he has completed his term on the Board, indicated that he would be available to provide service to the Committee if his expertise and experience would be helpful.


Signing Authorities

The Board was advised by the Executive Director that pursuant to the approved schedule of payments, Invoices coming from Heatherbrae for the Restoration Project will soon increase to as much as $3,000,000 and payments should be able to be made routinely as the Restoration Budget has been approved by the Board.


Motion by Susan and second Julie to override the motion made and approved on February 5th 2019 To increase spending limit/signing authority of the Executive Director to $200,000 until December 2020 for expenses related to the Restoration Project to now read: To increase spending limit/signing authority of the Executive Director to $3,000,000 until December 2020 for expenses related to the Restoration Project.  Carried



“Specified Procedures” on Restoration Project

Diane presented information on an audit procedure that would be suitable for our Restoration Project and provide financial savings. A Specified Procedure on our restoration project would investigate the policies and procedures of Heatherbrae and RJC to ensure they have the procedures in place to correctly handle invoices and timesheets of all, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors and employees working on site.  MNP, our auditors, have suggested that this is a much better plan than to complete an audit at the end of the project.  If there are any issues with the billing, we will catch them early and make the changes necessary in a timely manner instead of finding an issue at the end of the project and not being able to correct it.


Motion by Wingfield and second by Wayne to approve the expense of $30,500 to complete the “Project Audit” called a Specified Procedure on Project as recommended by our Auditors MNP.  Carried


Operational Questions answered by Executive Director

  1. Are there any outstanding Government Remittances? NO
  2. Are we in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements? YES
  3. Were any financial penalties incurred in the past month? NO
  4. Are there any outstanding or potential legal issues? NO


Discussion of Circuited Executive Director Report

The report,  which is available as a separate document; “Executive Director Report for Board, April 9th 2019”, highlighted that restoration is  on time and on budget, included extensive notes on suggestions from Congregation discussion on how to improve services at other sites during our Pilgrimage and, provided an update on our accounting system.


ASK ME table

Roger and Diane requested that Board members sign-up to host the Ask Me table


Board Check-In

Diane: There is new potential for the City of Vancouver to provide restoration funding through historical designation grants and she is exploring this.


There was a general discussion about generating a quarterly Board report and a periodic update on what various groups (i.e. teams, etc.)  in the Church were doing and when because, without the Committee structure in place, there are fewer activity reports available.


Agnes Hall’s memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm on May 3rd at Central Presbyterian Church.


Dan Outlined the schedule and location for Easter Services, that will be published in the bulletins and on our website.


Closing Prayer

Gary lead the group in a closing prayer and blessing.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM                                   Next meeting: May 7th, 2019.




_______________________                                                       __________________________

Wayne Davis                                                                                      Roger Phelps

Secretary                                                                                             Chair

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