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Board Minutes- June 4 2019







Present: Julie Bower, Dan Chambers, Wayne Davis, Sara Holland, Diane Mitchell, David Osmond, Susan Parker, Roger Phelps, Fritz Rehmus, Leo Yu and Jess Williams

Regrets: Thomas Baerg, Jessica Davis, Wingfield Rehmus

Guest: Lynn Hagglund


Opening message and Prayer – Dan opened the meeting with meditation and prayer.


Chair Report – Roger discussed the need to ensure that all the confidentiality agreements are in place for new Board members and reminded the entire Board of our responsibility to respect the confidentiality of items discussed in the meetings that are not for public consumption.


Consent Items

  • Agenda Church Board Meeting
  • Approval of Minutes – Executive –April 30,2019 and May 28,2019

Board – May 7,2019

  • Finance Committee/Financials: Susan went over the Financial Statement for the month of April 2019 (report attached)
  • Moved by Sue and Second by Julie   that Consent Items be accepted. – Carried.


M&P – in CAMERA session

Lynn Hagglund representing M&P in Thomas’ absence presented two Ministry and Personnel Committee motions. As required by procedure Dan (Ministry Rep on Board) left the meeting for the discussion.


“That the St. Andrew’s Wesley Board approve the appointment of Jen Cunnings as Minister of Children and Families from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.” Moved: Thomas Baerg, Second: Blair Galston.


“That the St. Andrew’s Wesley Board approve the appointment of Rev. Gary Paterson as half-time Minister from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021 Moved: Thomas Baerg, Second: Blair Galston.


After discussion both motions were carried unanimously.




Priorities for Staff and the Board

Dan reported on a recent strategic visioning session held for Staff and Ministry personnel.

A detailed PowerPoint presentation is available, but some significant highlights of the role Board members were:

  • Making sure our community remains strong during our pilgrimage and ensure Board support is there for the Ministry and Staff teams,
  • Build strong links between the Congregation and Administration through building Trust,
  • Reflect our Faith based mission statement,
  • Balance the interests of the various groups in the congregation,
  • Board support to the Ministry team by providing guidance,
  • Excellence in Budget management and fiscal responsibility,
  • Working to build and support our volunteer network.


Operational Questions answered by Executive Director

  1. Are three any outstanding Government Remittances? NO
  2. Are we in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements? Yes
  3. Were any financial penalties incurred in the past month? NO
  4. Are there any outstanding or potential legal issues?


Executive Director Report

Diane reviewed her report and answered questions from the Board

Her report is available under separate cover, but highlights were:

  1. Restoration Update – on time, and on budget,
  2. Grants – An application have been made to City of Vancouver for a restoration grant,
  3. Accounting system – Work continues on updating cost codes in the system,
  4. Salons – Flooring has been repaired,
  5. Church Directory – We are currently taking pictures for a church directory. This directory will not be for general distribution but will be used by staff, the Board, ushers, and the prayer group to be able to put a face to a name.


Diane requested input from the Board on two items and ideas were discussed around how we might use the hoarding on Nelson Street (i.e. paint, decorate use from messaging, etc.) and finding a cheaper but more durable name tag system for congregants.  A proposal for a tag costing approximately $3.00 was put forward and supported/endorsed by the Board.  Diane will continue to work on these to projects now that she has Board support.  Hoarding is the significant strip of wood along the sidewalk on Nelson street.


Ministers Report

Dan provided a very detailed report including attendance numbers for the first 5 months of the year.  The report highlights Program and Worship Criteria and Programs and Services that are presently under review by the Ministry and Administration Team. The report is available under separate cover, “Minister’s Report, June 4, 2019”.


ASK ME table: Roger and Diane requested that Board members sign-up to host the Ask Me table.


Board Check-in: No additional comments or issues.


Closing Prayer: Dan lead the group in a closing prayer and blessing.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM                                   Next meeting: July 2, 2019.




_______________________                                      __________________________

Wayne Davis                                                               Roger Phelps

Secretary                                                                     Chair



Financial Report

June 4, 2019 Board Meeting

YTD to April 30, 2019

Consolidated Statement

As you can see the statement now has the regular format.  The inclusion of the M&S revenue and expenses will be moved with the other ministry Funds.  This will be part of the Chart of Account changes which will show in July.


  • Offerings in total are doing very well. All items are currently over budget
  • Program income is high due to the collection of congregational camp registrations
  • This will help to reduce the money required from the relocation fund to balance the budget


  • Ministry
  • In general, all ministry expenses are on target. Photocopying for bulletins has been moved to administration
  • CDFF young adults will read adults as it includes all non- children cost
  • Operations
  • Administrative costs are high because of the reallocation of photocopying budget will be corrected with changes in chart of accounts
  • Building costs are slightly high due to cost to keep sanctuary warm
  • Executive costs have been changed to financial on this report and needs further review. Many WP sale cost were moved to 2018
  • Lease looks high because the payment date has changed, and this reflects four and a half months
  • Subscriptions and fees are higher due to the new system put in by the United church

Restoration Costs

Since the beginning of the project to the end of March

  • Restoration including Design Costs – $2,363,832
  • Relocation costs – $1,051,023
  • Outreach – nothing has been allocated to date

Escrow Money being Held

  • 1 million will be released with interest in May 2019
  • 3 million is held and earning interest to the end of the project

Investments will be reported quarterly

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