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Board Minutes- October 1 2019







Present: Julie Bower, Jessica Davis, Sara Holland, Diane Mitchell, Roger Phelps, Fritz Rehmus, Leo Yu and David Osmond

Regrets: Thomas Baerg, Wayne Davis, Susan Parker, Wingfield Rehmus

Guests: Gary Paterson for Dan Chambers


Opening message and Prayer – Gary opened the meeting with meditation and prayer.


Chair Report: Roger gave a brief update on Sue and circulated a Thank-you card from Sue to the Board.


Consent Items

  • Agenda Church Board Meeting
  • Approval of Board Minutes for September 3rd, 2019
  • Finance Committee/Financials: Diane went over the Financial Statement for the month of August 2019 (report attached)

Moved by Julie and Second by Fritz that Consent Items be accepted. – Carried.


Proposed Financial Changes

Diane also presented a document outlining “Proposed Financial Changes” for Board approval.  Susan Parker made the changes requested at the September Board meeting.  We withdrew the Allocation of Donation section after a discussion lead by Leo regarding the difference between Operational items that come to the board for information and Governance items that come to the Board for discussion and Approval.  It was decided that the Allocation of Donations is an Operational item and therefore did not need to be approved by the Board.  We will have further discussions regarding the different functions of Operations and Board when we have all members present.

Moved by Leo and Seconded by Sarah that the Proposed Financial Changes be accepted excluding the Allocation of Donations. – Carried.


Review of Policies

Please have outstanding Policies to Diane for October 20th so the board can finish all policy Reviews in November.


Operational Questions answered by Executive Director

  1. Are there any outstanding Government Remittances? NO
  2. Are we in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements? Yes
  3. Were any financial penalties incurred in the past month? NO
  4. Are there any outstanding or potential legal issues? NO


Executive Director Report

Diane reviewed her report and answered questions from the Board

Her report is available under separate cover, but highlights were:

  1. Parking on Sundays – There still seems to be some confusion, Diane will put it in Stawlight and the bulletin as a reminder. If you hear anything, please remind people that the congregation has free parking from 9 am – 9 pm on Sundays.  Please do not let the general public know as we could lose this privilege it is only for congregants.  Parking passes for church programs will be given out by the leader of that group.  Movie night people must pay for parking.    
  2. Stewardship– the 4G’s will be discussed over the 4 Sundays in October. Stewardship forms will be handed out to the congregation over those 4 Sundays at the Welcome Centre



WELCOME CENTRE:  Roger and Diane requested that Board members sign-up to host at the Welcome Centre


Board Check-in:

What do you hear from people about the Holy Hotel

  • Too hot
  • The Doors to the Holy Hotel and back into the Salons are a continuing issue. WE need more people to cover those doors so people can access.
  • WE need a traffic controller on Sundays as it gets darker and rainy, the worry is someone will get hit as they cross the lane
  • Do the ministers or scripture readers need more light at the front of the hotel? It seems dark and is hard to take pictures for social media

Closing Prayer: Gary lead the group in a closing prayer and blessing.


Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM                                   Next meeting: November 5, 2019.



_______________________                                      __________________________

Diane Mitchell                                                             Roger Phelps

Acting Secretary                                                         Chair


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