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Board Minutes- September 3 2019






Present: Julie Bower, Jessica Davis, Wayne Davis, Sara Holland, Diane Mitchell, Susan Parker, Roger Phelps, Fritz Rehmus, Wingfield Rehmus, and Leo Yu

Regrets: Thomas Baerg, David Osmond

Guests: Gary Paterson for Dan Chambers, Lynn Hagglund for Thomas Baerg


Opening message and Prayer – Gary opened the meeting with meditation and prayer.


Chair Report: Nil report


Consent Items

  • Agenda Church Board Meeting
  • Approval of Board Minutes for July 2nd, 2019
  • Finance Committee/Financials: Susan went over the Financial Statement for the month of July 2019 (report attached)

Moved by Sue and Second by Julie that Consent Items be accepted. – Carried.


Sue also presented a document outlining “Proposed Financial Changes” for Board approval.  During discussion several items were raised by Board members on points of clarification.  It was determined to table the document pending further input from the Finance Committee. Document table to October 1st meeting.


Review of Policies

The following, previously circulated, amended Policy and Procedure items were presented by the Governance committee Chair, Roger, and discussed:

  • Signing Authorities
  • Spending Policy
  • Ministry and Personnel – Terms of Employment
  • Terms of Reference for Board Finance Committee
  • Section 1: Board – Investment Policy
  • Section 2: Investment Funds
  • Terms of Reference – Board Ministry and Personnel Committee


On behalf of the M&P Committee, Lynn requested that the final item be tabled and returned to the M&P Committee as it needed additional amendments before Board approval.


A motion was put forward to approve the remaining amended policies.

Moved by Wingfield and Second by Wayne– Carried


Operational Questions answered by Executive Director

  1. Are three any outstanding Government Remittances? NO
  2. Are we in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements? Yes
  3. Were any financial penalties incurred in the past month? NO
  4. Are there any outstanding or potential legal issues?


Executive Director Report

Diane reviewed her report and answered questions from the Board

Her report is available under separate cover, but highlights were:

  1. Restoration Update – Some challenges have been identified with stonework and scaffolding fell behind schedule putting us about six weeks behind on the roof. There will be no forecast change in end date yet.
  2. Accounting system – The cost codes project has been completed.
  3. Budgets 2020 – process has begun, and a draft will be provided to the Finance Committee and then to the Board at the November meeting for review.
  4. Communication – work continues on the Church Branding and we are participating in the “Text in Church” model of hospitality and as part of that initiative the ASK ME table will be re-named to the WELCOME CENTRE.
  5. Name Tags for Congregation – Magnetic tags have been purchased and are ready for distribution to the congregation.
  6. Planned Giving– work is continuing with the United Church of Canada to set up our planned giving program as part of the Stewardship campaign this October


As part of the ED report Diane Diane recommended purchase of chairs and tables for the salons. We want to have the flexibility to have some round tables for café nights and small group work.  The round tables make the room feel more comfortable and intimate.  The black chairs are starting to show their wear and the grey chairs are stained to the point of no return.  We will replace with black plastic chairs that the congregation tested in the fall and liked.

Motion: To use $8,000 from the Restoration Budget to purchase new round tables and chairs for the salons Moved by Wingfield and Second by Julie – Carried.


WELCOME CENTRE:  Roger and Diane requested that Board members sign-up to host at the Welcome Centre


Board Check-in:

Executive Director: With potential staffing issues and an extraordinary workload Diane requested that consideration be given to additional support for important initiatives that need to be undertaken where we do not have the capacity in the current office team.  After discussion the following motion was put forward: Motion: That the Executive Director proceed with sourcing and hiring a suitable individual or firm to work on the Church’s Public and Congregational Capital Campaigns related to the Restoration.    Moved by Jessica, Second by Wingfield, Carried


Closing Prayer: Gary lead the group in a closing prayer and blessing.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM                                   Next meeting: October 1, 2019.



_______________________                                      __________________________

Wayne Davis                                                               Roger Phelps

Secretary                                                                     Chair


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