St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church operates within the United Church of Canada, setting up its own governance structure based on the national guidelines.

We have a Board composed of congregational members, with five committeeswho address the business of the Board.  In 2015, the Board reviewed its operating model and determined it would transition from an operational to a governance board model.  Under this model, the Board reflects on and determines high level strategic actions, while the staff carry out the operations of the church through its ministerial and operational functions.   Volunteers are involved at all levels in the work of the church.

 Information about the Church is regularly brought to the congregation through the Bulletin, Stawlight, and informal and formal meetings.  There is a congregational meeting held annually to discuss the activities of the Church from the previous year, highlight new activities and to approve the budget and discuss the financial review.



During 2014 and 2015, St. Andrew’s-Wesley explored moving from a representational or operational board to a governance board, approving this change at its December 2015 meeting.  A governance board focuses on the higher level missional and strategic work crucial for an effective and faithful church of this size – a resource size church.  A powerpoint detailing this change can be found here.

The Board members’ role is to listen deeply and openly to the Spirit within the congregation; engage in reflection, dialogue and study; and to act in accordance with the values of the Church and the policies of the Board.   The Board is not responsible for day to day decision making and operations or the “how” of the ministries and missions.  This is delegated to the professional paid staff in ministry and operations.

The Board has four committees – Executive, Finance, Governance, and Ministry and Personnel,   Please click on the committee names to go to their Terms of Reference .

Click here for Trustees terms of reference.

Board Members:  2018

Catherine Atyeo, Thomas Bearg, Julie Bower, Rob Cameron, Wayne Davis, Michelle Henry, Sara Holland, Graham Lovely, Diane Mitchell (Executive Director, Operations), Sue Parker (Treasurer), Roger Phelps (chair).


Operating Budget

An operating budget is developed annually.  The Board reviews and then takes it to an Annual Congregational Meeting, generally in January, for approval.
Click to read the 2017 Operating Budget and accompanying notes.

Financial Review

A financial review is completed annually for the Church, including operating, reserve fund, and property and equipment, as well as for Wesley Place.
To read the 2015 Financial Review for the Church, click here and  for Wesley Place, click here.

Capital Budget

A capital budget is prepared based on needs of the Church in maintaining the infrastructure and growing the church.  There was not a capital budget for 2016 as a capital plan is being developed to do some renovations to the Church.  The following are being reviewed and a plan will be presented to the congregation, likely in 2017:   roof, pews, floor, caen plaster, lighting and audiovisual.

United Church of Canada

St. Andrew’s-Wesley is a United Church and follows the policies and by-laws of the United Church of Canada, which provide general high level guidance on church operations, with enough flexibility so ministry, both traditional and innovative, can be carried out to meet local needs.

Details may be found in the United Church Manual.

St. Andrew’s-Wesley also support the Mission and Service fund of the United Church of Canada.