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St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, Vancouver BC

Full Job Description

St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church,
Suite 100, 1022 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 4S7

About us

St. Andrew’s-Wesley is a vibrant, diverse and engaged congregation housed in a recently restored heritage sanctuary in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC.  We are an inclusive and affirming church with members from diverse ages, cultures, spiritual heritage and backgrounds who come together for community, exploration and transformation. Our mission is to be a Light in the Heart of the City and our faith inspires us to work for change through compassion, peace and justice. Our music ministry program is an expression of the mission, values, and theology of the church community. The organ is 4 manual Casavant organ with a moveable console.  The new 4th manual is a Gallery division with 2 high-pressure reeds.

We are seeking a Director of Music Ministry to lead our music program. If you are an inspired and compassionate music leader, with —

  • a love and respect for people,
  • the ability to create music programs using a wide variety of music styles
  • proven directing, arranging/composition skills and instrumental ability,

we invite you to apply.

One candidate (3/4 to full-time) with both directing and accompaniment skills, or two candidates, one for the lead Director role, and one for the music accompaniment role, may fill this position. Payscale commensurate with the United Church of Canada guidelines.

Role Scope & Purpose:

The Director of Music Ministry is responsible for the oversight, planning and coordination of all areas of the church’s Music Programme, and plays a key role in the spiritual practice and experience of this congregation and the spiritual edification of the church and the local community.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Music planning, selection, and leadership for church services in consultation with the Lead Minister and other leadership team members
  • Music accompaniment on piano and pipe organ
  • Creating and directing Choirs (Vocal Ensemble, Sanctuary Choir, Community Choir), coordination of musicians (amateur and professional), and other music elements including soloists/band/orchestra
  • Administration/Coordination of music program, and curating/planning concerts and special music events

Skills & Competencies:


  • Versed in a wide range of music styles including Christian hymns, classical music, contemporary music (Christian, World, Jazz, Inspirational)
  • Arranging skills (able to write parts for instruments/choir); Composition skills a plus
  • Instrumental ability (organ, piano and maybe others)
  • Producing and directing special events and programs
  • Connection with local music scene (or eagerness to build connection if not local)
  • Familiarity with technical aspects of concert/music performance: sound, miking, soundboards


  • Constructive leader and team member, facilitator and coordinator
  • Strong interpersonal skills, a good listener
  • Willingness to cultivate talents and increase participation in congregational members
  • Conceptualize and lead the musical component of worship and provide supervision and training to other music worship leaders.

Qualities & Values:

  • Visionary, with an ability to grow, change and develop over the years
  • Versatility, in both musical knowledge and ability to adapt
  • Positive attitude
  • Appreciation for and belief in diversity and inclusion
  • Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative


  • Have an active spiritual life formed within or in alignment with the Christian tradition with a general knowledge of the Bible and Christian traditions, stories, and practices


  • Minimum Undergraduate degree in Music (Masters preferred)
  • Experience in church or community music leadership
  • Proven musical skills and competence
  • Committed to the church’s vision, leadership, and people
  • Compensation is negotiable

COVID Note:  Given the restrictions of the pandemic, we will proceed in a way that is safe for candidates and all involved.  If in-person auditions remain difficult, we encourage potential candidates to create and send online examples of their work.

Please send your submission to StAW Music Director Search Committee at
This posting is now **CLOSED**
  • The new console has 4 manuals with the addition of a Gallery Division
  • The console is on the chancel floor level. on a moveable platform.
  • The Gallery Division has 2 motors, one to service the high-pressure reeds and the other for 4 lower pressure stops.
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New Pipe Organ Specifications