Vision, Mission, Affirmations

Our Vision

To be a light in the heart of the City

Our Mission

Empowered by Christ we are called to embody love so lives are changed and the world transformed.

Our Affirmations

We are passionate

Our faith touches our hearts as well as our heads, and makes a real difference in how we live; we seek to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are inclusive

There is room for everyone in this community.  No one is excluded.  God keeps challenging us to stretch our boundaries; to see people the way God sees them; and to offer acceptance and hospitality.  We strive to accept each other as we are and welcome the ministry and participation of all persons inclusive of Age, Gender-identity, Gender Expression, Health, Race, Sexual Orientation, Differing Abilities, Religious or Ethnic Background or Economic Circumstance.

We are Progressive

We live out of a theological vision that encourages fresh ways of understanding the Christian story; where the Bible is taken seriously, but not literally; where questions and commitments are intertwined; where you do not have to park your mind at the door of the church; where we seek to be in a dialogue with our culture and science.

We are Committed to Justice

Our faith inspires us to work for change – in the community and in the world – living and doing the work of compassion, peace and justice.