We Believe

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No matter who you are, You Are Welcome.

We are an inclusive Christian community. You are welcome here no matter what your faith background or your postal code or educational background. You are welcome here no matter who you love or if you consider yourself Christian, quasi-Christian or not-yet Christian. You are welcome here if you have an open mind and an open heart and are willing to join with others in the exploration of faith, a desire to live with integrity and compassion, and a hope to be part of a meaningful community.

We take the bible very seriously, But not literally.

We believe that God speaks through Scripture, reason, creation and our own lives. We are passionate about our faith and seek to connect it to our own times, engaging in dialogue with culture, science and other spiritual traditions so we are stretched and deepened.

We are committed to the work of compassion and justice.

We work towards social justice both in our own city and in the world, from our Downtown Eastside to the hillsides of Guatemala, from those living with mental illness who find themselves on the street to refugees seeking a new beginning or abused women seeking shelter or those living with HIV or AIDS.

We do our best to be a welcoming congregation.

We strive to accept each other as we are, and welcome the ministry and participation of all persons regardless of age, gender-identity, gender expression, health, race, sexual orientation, differing abilities, religious or ethnic background or economic circumstances.

We like questions and provide programs to explore faith.

We believe questions are vital to faith and doubt serves to deepen faith. We offer programs and study groups for those who want to explore their faith and dig a bit deeper. We build a sense of community where people are affirmed and where we truly care for each other in good times and bad.
We invite to come as you are to experience the life of the St Andrew’s Wesley United Church and its many ministries.