How Is My Donation Used?

Your donations serve many purposes in the life of the church. You may designate your funds to go to core funding, building/capital, Mission and Service, or to a program or activity within the church or in the community. The programs are many and varied.

Core Funding

Core funding supports the operation of the church. This covers our Ministers, operations staff and general costs to develop and provide the many services, programs and activities offered by St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church.


Our church opened in 1933 and we are in process of updating some of the original infrastructure. A donation designated to the building will go to assist in keeping our Sanctuary in shape.

Outreach programs

As a strong centre in our communities, we reach out beyond our borders in support of those in need.  Click here for details of select programs.

Mission and Service

Donations to the United Church of Canada Mission and Service go directly to projects dedicated to emergency–response and development, working with partners across the country and around the globe.