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Spero’s Children’s Choir

| Sliding Scale25 – Sliding Scale75


September 12, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:15 pm
Sliding Scale25 – Sliding Scale75


This non-audition choir teaches teamwork, music technique (using the Kodaly method) in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Sliding scale registration cost. Presentations on Sunday mornings 3 times in the fall and a concert in December.  Led by Jacob Autio, Director and Joe Tong, Accompanist.

5:30-6:15pm for Kindergarten to Grade 3
6:15-7:15pm for those grades 4 to 7


Why StAW’s Children’s Choir?

  • StAW Children’s Choir kids get to be kids! Kids learn to sing and play with one another. Many other children’s choirs are performance and outcome driven while StAW choir not only provides a place for kids to learn to sing and perform, but also a place for them to learn songs and games that they can take with them though out their lives.
  • StAW Children’s Choir is based on the foundation that all children are artistic and actively help make artistic decisions. The medium we use to express our art is singing.  All children are welcome and celebrated for who they are!
  • StAW Children’s Choir is located in one of Vancouver’s premier performance venues.
  • StAW is affordable & meant to be another place to sing! If you sing in other choirs you can still sing with us. If your school has a choir you should sing your school choir as well as with StAW Children’s Choir.

What happens in the 1-hour class with Jacob?

  • Actively using our bodies and our voices to help us discover all the possibilities and capabilities of the human voice.
  • The songs we sing come from around the world and from across time. We look into the meaning of the words we sing and how we can share the message or the story of the words and how we can use our voices to express what we want to share.
  • We play games and folk dances that require us to sing together and work together like Closet Key where we hide a key and can only help the finder by singing louder and softer (like hot and cold), echoing singing patterns and being careful to not sing back the Poison Pattern, hand clapping games and partner switching games, and many more! From these games, we will figure out little bits of reading music so that we can become more well-rounded musicians!

Learning Outcomes

  • Healthy singing: we learn to sing beautifully by ourselves and with others. We feel the benefits of singing with energy that makes our whole bodies vibrate and connect with the vibrations of other singers. Everyone can learn to sing!
  • Healthy relationships: we learn to celebrate each other’s gifts and help one another along their musical journey. We learn to listen to one another, to share the spotlight, to lift each other up, and to work together with anyone and everyone.

Some fun resources on the benefits of Singing and the Kodaly Method:

Why Kodaly method?