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Connected, close, and courageous: online gatherings at StAW!

When we can’t meet face to face, we can meet virtually, so grab your slippers and gather with others to nurture your faith in community!

Led by Rev Don Robertson 

Tuesdays, June 2-30, 10:30-11:45am, via Zoom 

There is a journey to be made in our Elder years, a journey that strangely has a beginning in ‘endings’. It is a journey that opens us up to an inner adventure with stops along the way, leading to some surprising new beginnings.

Using William Bridges book on Transitions as a guide, we will talk together about some of the many and varied ‘endings’ that we in our final season of life experience. Important to our conversations will be discerning ‘an angle of vision’ for our elder years gained from each of the ‘stops’ we make on our way to ‘new beginnings.’  A hope for the 5 weeks is that we will come to experience, in William Bridges words, a certain ‘ripening’ of life in our elder years. REGISTER HERE: l.ashdown@standrewswesley.com 

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