Lectio Divina


Dec 04, 2022


10:00 am - 10:30 am

Lectio Divina is a Christian contemplative practice that is thought to have its origins in the 6th century with the founding of the Benedictine order. You will be led through an easy-to-follow four step process: Read (the passage is read aloud twice), Meditate (allow the spirit of the passage to wash over us without trying to interpret it), Pray (listen to the passage being read a third time, then enter into silent dialogue with God about its meaning for our lives in this moment), Contemplate (give thanks for the experience, rest in grace). The same scripture passage that is used for the sermon is also used for Lectio Divina, allowing a deeper exploration of each Sunday’s theme. This practice does not include discussion among group members – the experience is just between you and God.

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