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Adult Education Series: Small but Connected


February 2
11:55 am

Imagine:  You’re standing under a vast canopy of stars, or on the beach looking at the horizon that ends at the distant curve of earth, or on a mountain peak taking in…well, the vastness of creation.  That feeling stirs, what?  Exhilaration, awe, an initial wow! and then, perhaps, a quieting of the heart and mind?   When people say they’re “spiritual’, many will point to an experience of wonder, reflecting Rabbi Abraham Heschel’s observation that “All religion begins in awe.”  We’ll explore different dimensions of this common, holy experience in the 4-week series, We’ll consider how we fit in the grand scheme of things in relation to Nature, History, Culture and the Sacred.  Rev. Dan will share images and reflections from his Sabbatical on this theme, opening into questions for reflection, small group discussion and shared consideration.