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We know a few things about Jesus: he was unorthodox, that’s for sure.  Eating with the wrong people, healing on the Sabbath, sometimes not even washing his hands before he and his disciples ate.  What did his mother teach him?

We also know that some considered him a heretic and more than once they ran him out of town or tried to run him off a cliff.

We also know a few things about God.  As St. Augustine reminded, “If you think you understand God, it is not God.”

How do you wrap your arms around the ocean; how do you wrap your mind around the Infinite?

So rather than speak in dogmatic formulas or a strict catechism, Jesus spoke about the ways/kingdom of God in parables.

This Epiphany, the season of discovery and insight, we’ll explore the parables of Jesus not so we have a better intellectual grasp of the Infinite One, but so we might open ourselves to the intimacy of grace and the mystery of the Holy.

We’ll also explore some of the playful, challenging and contemporary parables of Peter Rollins in his small book, “The Orthodox Heretic” (available online or Dan can make copies of select chapters available).  For extra credit, those interested can try their hand at writing their own parable.

You’re invited to begin the new year with a walk into the seriously playful teachings of Jesus.

Five Wednesdays starting January 12th
7:00 – 8:30 PM via Zoom

Please register at  signup@standrewswesley.com

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