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Well, retirement is fast approaching. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I will completely disappear; St. Andrew’s Wesley will remain my home, the community with whom I worship and grow; however, it does mean that things will change. This seemed to me be a good moment to do some reflecting on what I have learned over the past 44 years of ministry, and to explore where I am theologically at this point in time.

I would like to invite you to be part of that exploration. So… a four week programme, the first four Wednesdays of June, starting on June 2nd (and continuing for the 9th, 16th and 23rd); two different groups, one at 2 pm, and the other at 7 pm. Register by contacting caretakers@standrewswesley.com and he will send you the appropriate zoom link (the afternoon and the evening groups have different links.)

I’m a “word guy,” and so it seemed appropriate to start with the stories of the Tradition, stories which have shaped my thinking about God, Jesus and the Spirit. The sessions will circle around some of my “touchstone” passages in the Bible, leading into theological reflection on the inward and the outward journey, a Way of Life. There will be time for presentations by me and for Break Out Group discussion; time for poetry and for questions; time for all of us to do some pondering about our faith journeys. I look forward to travelling with you.


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