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Barbara Essex has writes about the “notorious” women of the Bible. She looks beyond the notoriety to show us women of exceptional boldness, courage, determination, and independence.  These stories tell us about women we might recognize.  Some of these stories are fun, others are tragic.  These women are/were not saints, or Christians.  These are stories through which we can imagine not just a human reality but also a greater possibility. Because these stories are so important to how our culture was formed, they have been used to help us understand universal human experience.

Join Rev. Maggie for “Women of Wisdom”.  We’ll start with Five of the great figures:  Eve, Rebekah, Jezebel, Herodias and the “Woman taken in adultery”.   The book is available through the Library or for purchase.  We’ll send out selected passages before each gathering and you may read as much as you wish in advance.

via Zoom contact Rev. Maggie Watts-Hammond at pastoralcare@standrewswesley.com

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