St. Andrew’s Wesley Church wants very much to be of help in your time of loss, by supporting you and your family in your grieving, and by assisting with arrangements that involve the church and its facilities.  Our ministers are available to be with you — to listen, to pray, to simply be present, and to bear witness to the love of God in our living and in our dying. They will also help in planning a service.  A funeral service (with body and coffin present) or a memorial service (with or without cremated remains present) is an important way in which to honour one who has died and to help family and friends acknowledge their loss.  The minister at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church will help you develop this worship service, discussing the eulogy or words of remembrance, scripture readings, music, prayers, and other aspects of the service.

St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church has a small memorial garden.  Although most people will have designated their ashes to be spread in a favorite place, in cases where this hasn’t happened, your loved one’s ashes may be interred in the garden.  Please consult with one of our ministers is you wish to discuss this option.

Please feel free to contact our Church Office for further information or to book a meeting with a minister.


Memorial FAQ’s

Flowers can be a way of honouring the deceased.  Please contact a local florist and arrange for flowers to be delivered prior to the service.  Flowers may be delivered to the Sanctuary or to the Office Monday to Fridays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Yes, it is possible to have a simple reception in the church’s lobby.  You would need to contact a local caterer, and then make arrangements through the office for whatever set up is needed.  (No alcohol can be served.)  The office has a list of caterers whom are often used for receptions at the church.

The church will prepare a simple program for the service, which will include an outline of the service itself, noting hymns, readings etc..  The front page is generally used for a picture of the deceased and the back page for a short biography of the deceased, or a poem or quotation.

Use of the Sanctuary is $1,400 and for just the chapel it is $1,000.  This includes the cost of the church facilities, including the use of the Lobby for a reception; the minister; the organist; the program; and possible interment of the ashes.

The organist will do his best to accommodate your requests.  If you would like a soloist, there will be an additional charge.  The organist will make the necessary arrangements.



Payment may be made by cheque or online. Thank you.