St. Andrew’s-Wesley is well known as a wedding venue and we would be pleased to talk to you about your wedding.  Please call our Booking Co-ordinator at 604-683-4574, email for further details, or complete our booking request form.

Our Space

The Sanctuary is a favourite for larger weddings; among its many features you’ll find:

  • the longest aisle in Vancouver
  • a grand cathedral-style design with magnificent stained glass
  • a Casavant organ
  • seating for up to 1200 people

For smaller ceremonies we have a beautiful Chapel which features:

  • seating for 14 to 60 people
  • a chamber organ
  • beautiful old-world ambiance
  • flexible configurations

Wedding FAQ’s

Please contact our Booking Coordinator at 604-683-4574 or by email.  She will walk you through the process including date and time selection, fees, use of photographers, music, minister and rehearsals.

You will be assigned a minister from St. Andrew’s-Wesley Church 2-3 months prior to the wedding date.  If you would like a minister from another United Church or another denomination, please let us know when you book.  That minister may only assist the assigned minister and it is at the discretion of St. Andrew’s-Wesley whether to accept this request.

Yes. We are an affirming church and we welcome all couples to be married here.

Our Director of Music is available to meet with you to select the music for your wedding and this must be done 30 days prior to the ceremony.  As a wedding ceremony in the church is always a Christian worship service, only music suitable for Christian worship may be used.  Music will be accompanied by the organ, piano, or approved instrumentalist.  Recorded music is not allowed.

We do not arrange for photographers or videographers.  To reduce distraction, flash photography may not be taken while the ceremony is in progress, and the photographer must stay in the outside aisles and not be closer than the first pillar closest to the front.

Yes, you can decorate the church.  We ask that decorations should not hide or detract from the beauty of the church.  Decoration cannot be attached in any way that will cause damage to the church and its structures.  Decorations should not pose any safety hazards, e.g. fabric runners over the carpet, lit candles, containers that may tip.  Setting up and taking down of the decorations are your responsibility.

No, alcohol and drugs are not permitted on our premises.

No.  Rice, confetti, flower petals, birdseed or other like materials cannot be used either inside or outside the church.  These materials are difficult to clean up and pose a slipping hazard.

Fees are charged for weddings to cover the church’s basic expenses.  You will be assigned a minister, a wedding co-ordinator, an organist/pianist, and a sound person.

It is $1,400 for use of the Sanctuary, $1,000 for the chapel and $500 for a small wedding (the couple and 2 witnesses).



Payment may be made by cheque or online. Thank you.