St. Andrew’s-Wesley has a long history of supporting refugees, providing both financial and personal support as people transition to their lives in Canada. If you feel called to help find housing, language lessons, or be a guide in navigating the health, education and other systems that support people in Canada, then this is for you! We have supported families, individuals and Rainbow refugees from countries around the world to thrive in our province.


First United is a mission in the Downtown East side that provides housing, shelter, food, fellowship and programs for street-involved people. If you feel called to help partner in providing food, clothing, and companionship for folks in need, then come talk to us about how you can help.


As part of the United Church of Canada’s commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation process and to “living out our apologies”. By making reconciliation a central and visible aspect of our ‘welcome’ we can demonstrate how we are taking meaningful action on the TRC’s calls to Action, living into our apologies, and our commitment to be an Affirming Congregation.  Some activities include tours of residential schools, indigenous speakers, and peace-building events. If you feel called to work on this, or have ideas on how we can deepen our commitment, then join us!


Grab your java and support the fair wages and treatment of workers who grow our food! We sell Cafe Justica, a fair trade brand from Guatemala, at the info desk in the church lobby every Sunday! Have other fair trade or sustainable business ideas? Let’s chat!


Needs arise and we want to mobilize to be hands, feet and heart of Christ in the world. We raise money, collect clothing and food, and rally to change lives when the need strikes, so if you feel a call, come and share it! Living as a Christian means caring about and for your world, whether it is at the global level or the neighbourhood level. All of St Andrew’s Wesley’s outreach work has come from folks who felt called to a cause, so if God is calling YOU, then let’s meet!