Outreach Programs

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 How Donation Used Benevolence Fund

Benevolent Fund

This fund provides financial support for people with an emergency need such as rent, food, transportation and other items.  A minister meets with the individual before approving any request.

Lord Roberts Breakfast Program

Children’s Breakfast Program

A local program that provides financial support for children at Lord Roberts Elementary School in Vancouver’s West End.  This breakfast program helps to ensure kids start their day with a healthy meal.

 How donation used Outreach Empty Suitcase

Empty Suitcase

This annual Christmas project assists women and children  forced to flee their homes due to domestic violence.  Donation of clothing and essentials is accepted, as is cash which is used to purchase new items.

How Donation Used Guatemala Project

Fair Trade Coffee Program

An international endeavor supporting projects in Guatemala through the sale of fair trade coffee here at home.  Ask at the information desk in the Lobby every Sunday.

 How donation used First United

First United Programs

A local program in Vancouver’s downtown east side working to provide relief from the pain and struggle of homelessness, poverty and systemic injustice.  We partner in providing food, clothing and basic supplies.  http://firstunited.ca/our-work/

 How Donation Used Outreach Refugee


St. Andrew’s-Wesley has a long history of supporting refugees, providing both financial and personal support as people transition to their lives in Canada.

 How Donation Used Outreach Wish

Women’s Information Safe Haven

A shelter for women sex trade workers, W.I.S.H. provides access to a safe environment, meals, skills training and other supports.  St. Andrew’s-Wesley supports this project by collecting and donating items as requested.  http://wish-vancouver.net/

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