The Pilgrimage

We are excited to share some news about the future of our beautiful church! 18 months ago we knew our heritage building was in need of repairs and a seismic upgrade. We have an amazing team working on restoring this gorgeous building, but to do that work we need to pilgrimage out for approximately 18 months, starting from February 4th, 2019.

After much searching and many conversations, here is where you will find our 4 services:

Sunday 10:30 am- Morning Worship

This service will happen right next door to our church at the Century Plaza Hotel, 1015 Burrard street, Second-Floor Ballroom.

Sunday 4:00 pm Jazz Vespers

Vancouver’s longest running Jazz Vespers will take place right in our Salons 1018 Nelson St.

Sunday 7:00 pm

Candlelight and Music will be 10-minute walk away to St Paul’s Anglican, 1130 Jervis St.

Saturday 4:00 pm

Eat, Play, Love, our multigenerational worship service will take place in our Salon rooms at 1018 Nelson St.

All other programs, education, lectures, and groups will take place in the Salons. Parking continues to be operational at our church site so you can still park there! For the Candlelight and Music service, there is also paid parking next to St Paul’s Anglican.

Restoration Updates

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January 21, 2019- Press Release

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