We Are Moving!

We are excited to share some news about the future of our beautiful church! 18 months ago we knew our heritage building was in need of repairs and a seismic upgrade. We have an amazing team working on restoring this gorgeous building, but to do that work we need to pilgrimage out for approximately 18 months. After much searching and many conversations, here is where you will find our 4 services:

evolve pic

Kids asking big questions? We can help!

Email Jen to chat about how you might talk to your child about God, faith and other big questions.

Upcoming Events:
Community Carol Sing-Along– Nov 30th 7pm
Advent Event– Dec 2nd after morning worship

Ongoing Programs:
Parent & Tot– every Wednesday
Eat, Play, Love – once a month
Junior and Senior Youth Groups– weekly gatherings
Picnic Clubs- once a month after morning worship

Adults asking big questions:
Where's God in the United Church?

Children's Choir

StAW Community Children’s Choir!

We are thrilled to welcome Jacob Autio (M.Mus., B.Ed.) the music director of BC Kodály Choir. Jacob has studied in Ottawa, England, Western Canada, Hungary and the United States.

He has taught elementary and kindergarten in public schools in Campbell River, Burnaby and Surrey school districts and “works to create joyful musical experiences with his students”

WHY StAW Children’s Choir?