Our Values

We know that by connecting with our community we have the best chance at enacting change and sustaining it. Our values are the result of exploring ourselves, asking brave questions, and listening to our staff, congregation, and community. These values are everything to us, they uplift us and offer stability if we ever lose our way. To newcomers, our values clearly define who we are and what we do. They offer clarity to individuals seeking spiritual community and comfort to those who have had a negative experience at another church.

We believe that every person deserves to feel at home in the world, in their skin, in their lives. To us, the Christian faith path is not only a set of beliefs– it’s about exploring, asking brave questions, and then doing something about it together.

As a church, we get asked the same kinds of questions a lot– in fact, we ask these questions of ourselves too. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. Our faith intertwines with culture, history, science, and nature– when we talk about Spirit, we’re talking about everything.

That means you, that means today, that means yesterday and tomorrow too. We’re here for all of it.


We believe that art connects us– from sidewalk chalk to a jazz concert, creative expression gives us a glimpse of how others walk through the world, and why. Art, in all its forms, connects us more deeply to the Divine.

We make space for divergent voices to engage our hearts and minds through art.

When we do, it’s beautiful to notice just how much our community has to say.

Let’s be honest: as a church, we’ve got a lot of unlearning to do. We don’t have to look far into the histories of Christian organizations across Canada to find opportunities for listening, learning, acknowledgment and growth.

As we grow, we commit to embracing hard conversations, questioning convention, and looking for opportunities to change. Our Reconcilliation Action Plan is one of many opportunities for us to honour this commitment.

It’s through the voices of our community that we hear what we need to– so let’s talk.

We believe that every person is made up of a million different parts. Our community is strengthened by making space for each of us to be our whole selves. Yes, even those parts.

While we know that churches and inclusion haven’t always gone hand-in-hand, our community is built on taking risks to change that. In 2001, the United Church was the first to marry same-sex people in Canada; in 2010, we broke the mould and ordained an openly trans minister; today, we partner with Rainbow Refugee to build safe, supportive nests for newly arriving queer refugees escaping persecution.

Our faith is a practice, and we’re only just getting started.