We strive to walk the talk. We are open and willing to get uncomfortable, take risks, learn as we go, and share the process with you.

Frequent Questions

Our growth is guided by education, partnerships, social justice work, and the diverse voices we’re fortunate to be surrounded by. We welcome your feedback with open hearts and promise to listen to, and learn from, every word.

St. Andrew’s-Wesley is an affirming congregation, what does that mean? 

We welcome all people inclusive of age, gender-identity, sexual orientation, differing abilities, ethnicity, economic circumstance, and faith. As our community grows, so does our ability to support interfaith families who are seeking connection. We deeply respect other faiths, and learn more about our own through this exploration. 

How is St. Andrew’s-Wesley committed to reconciliation and decolonization?

We commit ourselves to the ongoing work of reconciliation and decolonization through the practices of listening, building relationships, anti-racism work and reparations. View our Reconciliation Action Plan.

How does St. Andrew’s-Wesley support artists?

We have a deep gratitude for the creativity of artists and have made art one of our core values. We actively support their work, both financially. We generate and participate in art with our music, architecture, weavings, stained glass, writing, sermons, and our hosting of artistic events.

How often does St. Andrew’s-Wesley hold services?

Every Sunday we hold a morning service at 10AM, Jazz Vespers at 4PM and a Candlelit Contemplative service at 7PM. Events are held throughout the week at St. Andrew’s-Wesley, see our events page.

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