Our Journey

As we’ve grown, our values of Spirit, Art, Social Justice, and Inclusion have taken shape, guided us, and become an expression of our care and commitment to our community. We have big plans for the future and they all center around a single notion—no matter who you are, no matter who you love, all of you is welcome here.

Growth for us is not about getting bigger, it’s about digging deeper, into ourselves, our faith, and our values.

As we approach our centennial, it’s important to reflect on our beginnings as we plan for the future. Our beautiful building has operated as a church since 1933 and the name St. Andrew’s-Wesley is a combination of two former Vancouver churches, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and Wesley Methodist. 

We’re an affirming United Church, but what does that mean for our congregation and wider community? Affirming churches seek to go beyond issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation to work for justice and inclusion for all people. In 2001, the United Church was the first to marry same-sex people in Canada; in 2010, we broke the mould and ordained an openly trans minister; today, we partner with Rainbow Refugee to build safe, supportive nests for newly arriving queer refugees escaping persecution. 

We’re proud that over the last nine decades we have created a spiritual home where community can come together for worship, connection, and a sense of belonging. Even in life’s most difficult moments, we have kept sight of each other’s humanity and worked towards compassion and collective understanding as we try to follow the path of Jesus: peace, love and justice for all. Our faith is a lived practice and we’re just getting started.