Our Community

Our board, staff, and volunteers have a collective sense of making a difference—for our congregants, our collaborators, and our community. We uplift artists and creatives, partner with local non-profits, and give people the space to be their whole self. The St. Andrew’s-Wesley team all takes part in welcoming newcomers and supporting our existing community, wherever they’re at. Our partners are a key part of making a difference in our community.

Rainbow Refugee

Refugee sponsorship and resettlement is a passion for our community. We’re located in the West End, a neighbourhood that is famous for LGBT2Q+ inclusion. We know how powerful it can be for LGBT2Q+ refugees to arrive in this environment, making them feel safe, secure, and supported. For the past 10 years we have been working with Rainbow Refugee on co-sponsorships and shared resources. In 2021 we were able to provide them with a $300,000 donation to grow their organization and serve even more people seeking freedom in Canada. We continue to look for ways to partner with Rainbow Refugee, from participating in their mentorship circle, to coaching and supporting other community members who want to provide sponsorship. Rainbow Refugee is proof that mountains can be moved when passion and purpose align.

Environmental Youth Alliance

The Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) has long roots in Vancouver and a rich history of place-based environmental stewardship and education programs. Youth from St. Andrew’s-Wesley have participated in their programs and we were impressed by how they interweave social justice and environmental justice in their mandate. In 2021 we were able to make a $200,000 donation to EYA, ensuring they can continue to fund the leadership of the organization and build ongoing stewardship and funding for the future.

First United Community Mission

First United Mission provides community services, housing, advocacy, and ministry in the face of the often-intersecting challenges of extreme poverty, historical and personal trauma, mental illness, and oppression in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. For decades we have provided volunteers for cooking and serving meals, raised money for their programs, collected socks and toiletries for their community, and walked in the Coldest Night of the year event. In 2021 we donated $1 million dollars from the sale of part of our property towards First United’s Capital campaign to build a brand new shelter, housing, and community service building. We will continue to assist with their food truck meal service and learn from their embodied work in reconciliation.

Chor Leoni

Chor Leoni is a male choral of 60 singers that bring music to the community to foster beauty, healing, and connection. They joined St Andrew’s-Wesley as the first “choir in residence” because of shared values and a desire to nurture the Vancouver art scene. This year they will collaborate with the church on World Refugee Day by offering a unique concert experience to open hearts, raise awareness, and generate much-needed funds to sponsor refugees seeking to resettle in Vancouver.

Campus United

Going to university can be a lonely experience, and a time where big questions and soul-searching are at play. Campus United exists to connect students to community and spiritual resources to support them through their journey. We believe in the next generation and want to see them equipped to thrive, so we provided $100,000 to help ensure students are met where they are at.

Camp Spirit

Camps are often a cherished moment in our childhood where we make new friends, learn new skills and gain independence. Camp Spirit proudly nurtures a setting that welcomes the fullness of God's diversity and celebrates the unique gifts of children in our community, including LGBT2Q+ youth. St. Andrew’s-Wesley hosts the camp on site every year, dedicates staff time and resources to the planning, and fundraises to ensure low-income families can access quality camp fun for their children.