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Four Angels

The “Angelic Orchestra” was commissioned in 1947 and the four angels were lifted into position in July 1948.  Leonard Woods created the angels in consultation with Dr. Oswald McCall, then pastor of St. Andrew’s-Wesley.  Poems were written about each angel in 1998.

In 1954 the angels were painted grey as some felt they were too prominent.  In 2004, they were restored to their original state by Rosa Quintana (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design).

Leonard Woods

Born in 1919 in the town of Stonewall and raised in Manitoba, Leonard studied at the Winnipeg School of Art under the direction of Lemoine Fitzgerald, graduating in May 1940.  Shortly thereafter he entered the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII.  After discharge he attended the Ontario College of Art studying sculpture under Emanuel Hahn, graduating in May 1945.
He then moved to British Columbia and entered the staff of the Vancouver School of Art, reopening the sculpture department which had been closed during the war.  He eventually taught the History of Art at the school until the spring of 1969.  He was co-founder of the Langley Community Music School in 1970.
Invited to do some sculpture for St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, Leonard met with then pastor Dr. Oswald McCall, preparing four angel sculptures- the Angelic Orchestra, based upon the imagery of the 150th Psalm.  The angels were lifted into place in July, 1948.


 Angel Trumpeter

The Trumpeter

Come! Blow your horn
young deputy of Gabriel,
Yes – You!
you with the puffed cheeks
and reeded lips.
Stand in the Barracks of a barren world
and sound the reveille
loud and clear:
a call to awaken
from sleep
from sloth
from lethargy
a call to up and doing –
a New World to be forged,
a New Jerusalem to be built.


The Flautist

Bright angel of tranquility
Servant of Uriel,
Physician of Souls;
spirit of Arcadian fields and pastures
of Nature’s rectifying ways.
Play your rustic woodland flute.
Pour forth a melody
pure as a stream of crystal waters
purling over rocky ledges
and coursing down
through flowering grassy meadows.
Come!  Heal!
Heal and ease the wounds of life,
the dismal record of our strife.
Reunite our fractured selves
and to our Primal Unity
restore us

 Angel Cympalist

The Cymbalist

Young Soldier of Michael,
Great “Weigher of Souls.”
Raise your muscular arms
and ring those brazen discs
in martial clamour.
Sound the Alert!
Summon all manner of arms;
offensive and defensive
Squadrons and brigades,
cohorts and battalions.
Strike with the shock of lightning
and shatter those entities of evil
whose name is Legion.
Guard and stabilize all goodness,
That Virtue may shine in Our World.


The Cellist

Fair angel of Raphael,
Guardian of the Human Spirit
draw your bow
over those strings,
so tightly taut,
and bring forth a consoling harmony.
Plumb the deep diapason of the heart
And touch those hidden mysteries of the Soul.
Bring down that heavenly
Music of the Spheres
for easement of our suffering selves,
for peace to still our torment.
Bring it down
as a great enfolding ambiance,
as a blessed benediction

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