Community Gatherings

Something for everyone!


Ages 50s-60s

The OWLS are gathering! Are you Older, Wiser, Livlier and Social? Anyone in their 50’s or 60’s is welcome to join the OWLS group. We will be meeting on the last Monday of every month discussing interesting topics that are important to this age group and also expect to laugh a lot. / Staff support by Diane Mitchell

Open Table

Ages 20s-40s

Find your community and put your values into action! Share a vegetarian meal as we explore where your spirituality and life intersect. Whether you are new to exploring Christian concepts or identify as Christian, this is a safe and inclusive space to share your experiences, explore Christian mystical practices, and get rooted in community. Free, and newcomers always welcome! / Staff support by Rev Rhian Walker

Roots Group

Ages 30s-50s

Vancouver a no fun city? Not on our watch! Gather with others who share a common faith for fun social events, and for special events throughout the year: like our annual retreat, Thanksgiving dinner, and the Easter potluck and vigil. / Staff support by Rev Rhian Walker

The Word is Out

LGBTQ folks of all ages

Join a safe and supportive community to explore the intersections between your faith and your LGBTQ identity. Food, discussion, honesty and support are all on offer. We also host a social event every month, hold an annual retreat and host Spirit Pride: An LTBGQ spirituality conference. / Staff support by Rev Curt Allison

Men’s Breakfast

All ages

Gathering round the table to talk, share our lives, and explore what we are wrestling with is a time-honoured tradition, and it’s made better by good food and coffee. Meet other men who are walking their faith path and listening to the events and concerns of their lives. / Staff support by Rev Dan Chambers

Stitching Circle

All ages

All levels of knitters, crocheters, quilters, and needlework artists are invited to join the Stitching Circle for two hours of camaraderie where projects are shared, ideas are exchanged, and help and advice cheerfully given. Make prayer shawls, clothes for babies at St Paul’s, Doctors without Boarders Izzy dolls and Pussy hats for the women’s march! / Staff support by Rev Maggie Watts-Hammond

Good News Café


If you are a senior looking for connection, community and discussions as good as the coffee, this gathering is for you! We explore issues and topics that matter to you in this monthly gathering, sharing the good news that we see in our lives and in the world.

Seniors Lunch


Join us for food for the body and the soul! Enjoy a warm welcome and a delicious free hot meal with dessert and coffee/tea, along with stories, music and words of encouragement from our ministry team. This is open to all Seniors in the West End and beyond!

Breaking Bread


If you’re an older adult, yearning for community in a place of Faith, you are so welcome to join this social group at St. Andrew’s-Wesley. Gather with others for lunch and fun social events and field trips. / Staff support by Rev Maggie Watts-Hammond