We believe that being part of a community means involvement in the activities of the Church – both from a receiving and giving perspective.  Sharing your spiritual gifts is important and we encourage you to talk to a staff member about what it is you’re most passionate about and where you feel you could help.  Please contact the office at 604-683-4574 or by email if you’d like more information on volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Handbook

Our volunteer handbook is a good place to start to understand volunteerism within the church setting,

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers at any time, be it for a single project or to lead a ministry team.  We are able to use volunteers on a regular basis for:

  • greeting at services, events and open sanctuary
  • hospitality at events
  • visiting
  • helping with children’s programs
  • doing small repairs
  • photography at our music events
  • preparing for communion

Check for new opportunities with Diane on Sundays or email her djones53@telus.net